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  1. steve schopp
    July 25, 2005 at 7:48 am Link

    Rex Burkholder either doesn’t know what he is talking about or something else is at play.

    The transit modal split in this Metro area has Portland at about 5.7%. That is from the best source, the US census Bureau.

  2. steve schopp
    July 25, 2005 at 10:39 am Link

    Burkholder uses the term “corridor” but there is no “corridor.” Rail uses feeder buses to get people to the rail line and , as the parking lots at rail stations show, people come from all over. Most of the people at Sunset Transet Center park there and take rail because that is the last free parking on the way to downtown.

  3. Ross Williams
    July 25, 2005 at 4:42 pm Link

    “The transit modal split in this Metro area has Portland at about 5.7%. That is from the best source, the US census Bureau.”

    Are you talking about for the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan statistical area or just the city of Portland?

  4. Justin Wells
    July 25, 2005 at 6:10 pm Link

    JK: I hate to break it to you, bud, but oil does indeed originate from various plants and animals that died and slowly decayed eons ago into a tar-like substance, which is commonly known as crude oil. That stuff is pumped out of the ground and refined, hence gasoline & every other synthetic material known to mankind due to the great wizardry of chemistry.

    Now. Yes, Methane – along with other strange chemicals – do exist in abundance around our solar system. Indeed, according to wikipedia, here are the various planets’ methane compositions:

    Uranus ~ 2%
    Neptune ~ 1.5%
    Jupiter http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methane_clathrate

    The current estimate of the amount of methane is approximately 1-5 x 10^15 m3.

    However, have fun getting at it. Interestingly, if the oceans temperature were to raise high enough to release the gas (which needs to be below 18C), it could cause it to be released into the atmosphere and potentially could cause a runaway global warming phenomenon, ala Venus & its 900 degree C temps. Methane gas is 21 times more effective than CO2 as a greenhouse gas.

    Oh, by the way, this methane was deposited by decomposing plant/animal matter & microbes. Earth’s gravity is far too weak to have attracted many gasses during the solar system’s early beginningsl; there is a reason we call Jupiter & the outer planets gas giants: they got most of the gas.