KBOO Bike Show: City Single Track

 Listen to the show (mp3, 24.9MB)

Jocelyn talks with Kelsey Cardwell of the NW Trail Alliance and Michelle Kunec-North of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability about the Portland Off-road Cycling Master Plan which is now under development. Dan Moeller from Metro discusses the parallel process for the North Tualatin Mountains natural area.


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  1. One correction to Kelsey Cardwell:

    There is a place to look at that has lots of urban mountain biking, over 300 miles of urban trail systems in the state: Minnesota.

    Two of Minnesota’s urban trail systems were just named as Ride Centers – Duluth as Gold and Minneapolis-St.Paul as Bronze.https://www.imba.com/news/epics-ride-centers-2015

    If anyone at the KBOO Bike Show would like to know more, please let me know.

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