Our Two Latest Transit Appliances

When classes begin at the new Collaborative Life Sciences Building (a PSU/OHSU joint venture) in South Waterfront, students will be greeted by not one, but TWO large-screen transit appliances in the building.

The building atrium is cavernous. The screen is taller than my daughter – 80″ inches on the diagonal I believe (our biggest ever) – but still looks small in the space!

Transportation between the building and the PSU main campus will be a bit constrained this year (next year MAX will carry a lot of the load), so information about Streetcar arrivals is important!


2 responses to “Our Two Latest Transit Appliances”

  1. Excellent! When I was there the a couple of weeks ago I was faced with having to cross the street to see when the southbound streetcar was coming. Instead, I walked to the tram and of course the streetcar passed me about halfway there. :)

  2. Well, with the Montgomery/4th bottleneck addressed, Streetcar is going to start operating a “Shadow Train” from 3rd and Harrison south. (It seems it would be nicer if they could make it to PSU Urban Center, but I’m guessing they can’t reverse across MAX on 5th)

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