Wanted: Bybee Bridge Photos

Sorry to hijack the blog for this… but my web searches have proven fruitless and Google Maps’ images aren’t quite clear enough:

I’m looking for good quality photos of the new Bybee Blvd. bridge over 99E, and also any examples of recent overpass or viaduct construction which has “naturalistic” treatments and historic decor. My intention is to comment to those planning the Milwaukie light rail line about the asthetics of the planned overpass between Kellog Lake and River Road, just south of Milwaukie.

Surprisingly, there are very few photos of this bridge online, especially from the 99E perspective.

If you have something you can share, you’ll be doing your part to remove two vehicle-trips from the road today, by saving me from going out and photographing it myself, then coming back to work it into my document. :-)

Contact: bob@peak.org

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  1. You should go to the site, Bob, and take digital pictures from many compass views and angles if you haven’t already. It’s the only way to get a true perspective.

  2. I _could_ ride my bike there (or take MAX to the #33 bus), but I should have made it more clear that the meeting I’m going to is tonight, and my schedule is full the rest of the day. I could ditch one errand that I shouldn’t ditch and go there-and-back by car, if I have to.

    (And yes, this is one of those situations where having a car is superior to bikes or transit. Planning ahead and looking for a photo a few days ago would have been even more superior. :-) )

    I’m not attempting to make up for my lack of foresight by crowd-sourcing this on the Internet. So far to no avail.

  3. Jason – Thanks for your help, and I did receive your email just now – I was out at other events today. I’ll reply privately.

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