KBOO Bike Show: Open House

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Wow! What a banner year for cycling! The KBOO Bike Show celebrates LIVE on the air with our New Year’s Open House. Blind Pilot, a Portland-based rock band that tours by bike, performs live in the studios. We invite people on the air to share their favorite moments of 2008 and hopes for 2009.


4 responses to “KBOO Bike Show: Open House”

  1. Excerpts from Al’s link (emphasis added):

    The Bicycle Transportation Alliance … has proposed a new law that would make it legal to roll through a stop sign while riding a bicycle in Oregon.

    … the bill language is currently being drafted in Salem and it will be officially known as the “Idaho Stop Law”.

    …their bill will be very similar to an existing law in the state of Idaho which has been on the books since 1982 (and by most accounts, it has been implemented without incident and without negative impacts on traffic safety). A similar bill (HB 2768) was introduced in Oregon in 2003. It passed the House but did not make it through the Senate…

  2. My commentary: If properly drafted, the proposed change to implement Idaho’s 27-year old law here sounds good to me. This would eliminate the #1 complaint drivers have regarding cyclists and unlawful behavior, simply by codifying a practice that some riders currently employ, while establishing ground rules.

    Much as motorists now enjoy “right turn permitted without stopping” at certain marked intersections, this will allow cyclists, whose vehicles have different operating characteristics and safety impacts than automobiles, to treat stop signs in a different manner under the correct circumstances.

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