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September 2011 Open Thread

September 2011 Open Thread
A brief bit of meta: I’ve been off on vacation for the past several weeks, and have been catching up with a few items offline, which is why there have been no articles and comments from me during that time. In addition, a few comments that got hung up in the moderation queue for various reasons have now been belatedly published–apologies to anyone inconvenienced. Am back now, and shall resume normal blogging activities.

A new month is upon us.

But as always, the Open Thread is what you want it to be.

March 2011 Open Thread

Your March 2011 Open Thread

Time for a fresh open thread. This month, (on the Ides of March, no less), Portland Transport gets to conduct a second interview with TriMet general manager Neil McFarlane. Construction proceeds on the Streetcar Loop, final design and prep work on Milwaukie MAX, the LPA selection for the Lake Oswego Streetcar project continues, and early planning continues on the Southwest Corridor. And chaos continues on the Columbia River Crossing.

Have at it!

January 2011 Open Thread

January 2011 Open Thread

Happy New Year, everybody! 2011 is already shaping up to be an interesting year for transit and mobility in the Portland area. Among the highlights (and lowlights) in the upcoming year:

  • The Milwaukie MAX project breaks ground.
  • The Streetcar Loop (minus the OMSI-South Waterfront segment, which will require the new bridge) opens.
  • Selection of the Locally Preferred Alternative for the Lake Oswego Streetcar project.
  • Resolution of the labor dispute(s) between TriMet and ATU Local 757
  • Several political actions in Clackamas County with transit and land-use impacts, including the referendum on the Sellwood Bridge fee, the proposed referendum on Urban Renewal, discussions in Boring about withdrawing from TriMet, and consideration of incorporating the Oak Grove/Jennings Lodge area.
  • A new governor (John Kitzhaber–OK, a new old governor) and a new Metro President (Tom Hughes) take office.

But of course, the open thread is open to any topics or observations which are relevant for this blog.