Category: I-205/Mall Light Rail

  • Buses to return to transit mall; Public input on routes sought.

    As mentioned in the open thread, TriMet has now released it’s preliminary plans for returning buses to the Transit Mall. A series of public meetings will be held to gather input from riders. For full details, visit: A compilation of the comments from the open thread follows the break:

  • FFGA Party

    It was party time on Tuesday at FTA Administrator James Simpson was in town to sign the Full Funding Grant Agreement for the Green Line Light Rail (I-205 and Transit Mall). A party tent was erected at the end of the construction zone. More after the break…

  • Placemaking on the Transit Mall

    Portland State University Center for Transportation Studies Winter 2007 Transportation Seminar Series Speaker: Bob Hastings, TriMet and Brian McCarter, ZGF Architects Topic: The Portland Mall Revitalization: Designing a Great Street When: Friday, February 16, 2007, 12:00-1:30 pm Where: 204 Urban Center

  • Brick Update

    Update: 1/25/07 The bricks rated coverage in Today’s O. Original Post: 1/15/07 A few months back, at the intersection of 6th & Taylor, TriMet installed some new sand-set pavers as a test for potentially using them in the Transit Mall reconstruction. A reader recently queried me on whether I knew how the test was going,…

  • Transit Mall Plans: A new pain in the S?

    Frequently in comments on this blog, I’ve stressed the importance of actually going to meetings. It appears I should have heeded my own advice: Although I’ve attended the vast majority of meetings regarding the Transit Mall light rail project, my work and travel schedules have largely required me to take a break since September. I…