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  • Oregonian still tone-deaf on Port of Portland

    Oregonian still tone-deaf on Port of Portland

    The Oregonian continues to demonstrate its tone-deafness regarding the Port of Portland. Last week, the newspaper revealed its “editorial agenda” for 2014, one plank of which is titled “Portland’s industrial lands scavenger hunt.” The title is misleading. The editorial’s real thrust is to complain bitterly about the city’s policy towards economic development, relying on the…

  • The inevitable end of container traffic at the Port of Portland

    In recent months, the Port of Portland’s probable loss of the Hanjin shipping company has been in the news. Local media reported on the event, largely painting it as a minor tragedy. Chris, here at Portland Transport, provided his own take, noting how that those businesses using Terminal 6 would now have to truck their…

  • The new TriMet bridge and river navigation

    Discussion of the Milwaukie MAX bridge’s impact on river users.