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  • Talking to Conservatives About Rail Transit

    Streetfilms has a great video with William Lind, a conservative transit advocate, about how to talk about transit in terms that conservatives will appreciate. I would also note that the late Paul Weyrich, who co-founded the Heritage Foundation, was a trail transit advocate, evening making that point while serving on an infrastructure panel for the…

  • High-Speed Rail, CRC on Agenda in Salem

    Updated 11/15/09: For those who can’t attend in person, the meeting with be streamed. Original Post 11/12/09: The House Interim Transportation Committee is meeting on November 19th and will discuss the Columbia River Crossing and High-Speed Rail among other issues.

  • High Speed Rail Panel in Eugene this Weekend

    Thanks to the alert reader who forwarded this on: Straub Hall (behind the Erb Memorial Student Union), Room 146 – Session III, Saturday, November 7th, 3:00pm to 4:15pm The transportation network in the United States consists of a 20th Century system in a 21st century world. The costs of congestion hamper our economic development, our…

  • Two Wins for Amtrak

    ODOT is taking $35M saved from lower than expected bids on Federally funded stimulus project and is using it to buy trains for the Eugene-Portland run. WSDOT is putting on a second train daily to Vancouver, B.C. (starting at Portland)

  • High Speed Rail to Bypass Oregon City in Favor of Lake O?

    That’s what ODOT appears to be thinking.