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That’s what Friday’s Trib called Union Station.

Apparently our “Go By Train” landmark is in need of $40-50M of work.

PDC owns the station, and apparently there is some discussion of getting it into an urban renewal district when the downtown districts are reconfigured in a few years. The assumed eventual replacement of the Post Office next door could be the catalyst to make something happen. It’s not mentioned in the article, but I’ve also heard murmurs that the Public Market effort, having failed to secure the space in the Skidmore Fountain area (because the Fire Station relocation got called off), may be looking at Union Station.

Reader Calls for Gorge Train

This comment showed up on our discussion of a possible Wine Train:

I live in Mt Hood, Oregon and would like to work with folks interested in getting rail transport between Hood River (maybe also the Dalles) and Portland, who is working on this? How can I help?

It seems that a total overhaul of rail rights needs to happen so that passenger trains have priority use of the rails, instead of always having to stop and wait for freight cars. Can’t the freight cars run around a passenger schedule as in other countries? Thanks!

Is this workable?