Author: emanvel

  • Affordable Housing is Not Enough

    Over at the BTA Blog, Evan has a great post on the affordability of transportation as a portion of household spending. This is driven from the Coalition for a Livable Future/PSU Regional Equity Atlas. Check it out and comment over there.

  • Metro’s Congestion Study

    The Portland Business Alliance, Metro, and others got decent ink this morning about a report they purchased on the costs of congestion, and a proposed $6 billion plan to address it. Both the Oregonian and the Tribune reported it as, well, media tend to report on economic studies — go with the press release. Skimming…

  • Indelible Earl

    The League of American Bicyclists selected the top 25 people (PDF, 1M) who have “indelibly changed the face” of U.S. Cycling. Our own Earl Blumenauer is #22.

  • Enjoying the Rain

    Wet. There’s no avoiding the truth. I got wet this morning biking to work. In what was a rare Portland rain (usually it’s just drizzle), I put on my rain pants and my mediocre raincoat and biked through some serious rain and puddles to work. Coming across the Hawthorne Bridge, I was glad to see…

  • Time for More Diverse Vehicles

    Biking to work this morning I passed a golf-cart like vehicle that was chugging down the street. I was reminded about how uncreative we are with our choices of vehicles. Most households have a couple of cars — and those cars are overbuilt for what they’re actually used for 95% of the time. They’re set…