Enjoying the Rain


There’s no avoiding the truth. I got wet this morning biking to work.

In what was a rare Portland rain (usually it’s just drizzle), I put on my rain pants and my mediocre raincoat and biked through some serious rain and puddles to work. Coming across the Hawthorne Bridge, I was glad to see that Breakfast on the Bridges wasn’t closing up, and didn’t call it off because of the weather.

I stopped, and enjoyed free coffee and a Voodoo donut, and conversation with TriMet’s Kiran Limaye and the City of Portland’s Greg Raisman. We waived at the Coalition for Livable Future’s Teresa Huntsinger as she rode by (late to work?) and chatted about recumbent bicycles. Other dedicated cyclists rode by, and one stopped, along with a pedestrian. Smiles abounded, despite the wetness.

Cheered by the coffee and the company, I re-mounted my bike and got to work, where I found our bike racks full (as always), and employees bustling about but generally happy.

Taking off my wet socks and trading out my shirt, I was soon dry.
And felt alive.

Alive from biking, from feeling the weather, from being with these people, and living in this place. I love this job.

2 responses to “Enjoying the Rain”

  1. That’s just wonderful Evan. Now I know how
    some of my friends must feel when they get off work and ride home in the rain and ice at 11 p.m.
    Of course they work where Trimet doesn’t serve at that time of day and not being wealthy they bike.
    But then Trimet does take their tax dollars to pay for all that service to downtown and I’m sure they enjoy subsidizing others.

  2. There is no feeling like getting really wet out in the rain, but still being plenty comfortable because your muscles are warm because you’re working hard, and then getting home and changing into dry clothes and instantly feeling warm and dry. It’s just great. As Evan says, you feel so alive.

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