Author: Bob Richardson

  • Your Questions For Neil, “Round 5”, Part 3 – Service Planning

    Here is Part 3 of our recent interview with TriMet’s Neil McFarlane, based on your questions. This segment is shorter than the others and deals solely with the topic of service planning, especially in suburban areas and more densely-populated areas currently lacking in comprehensive transit service. Segment Navigation: Part 1 of 4 – High-Capacity Projects […]

  • Your Questions For Neil, “Round 5″, Part 2 – Ridership / Operations / Budget

    Yesterday, we posted the first in a series of videos featuring Portland Transport’s interview with TriMet’s Neil McFarlane, based on your questions. Today, here’s Part 2… Today’s topics are Ridership, Operations and Budget: Recent press about transit at historically high levels, but TriMet’s has not fully recovered to pre-2009. Some service has recently been restored, […]

  • Your Questions For Neil, “Round 5”, Part 1 – High-Capacity Projects

    Last Wednesday, Chris sat down with TriMet’s Neil McFarlane for a discussion focused on your questions. This has become a sort of annual tradition for Portland Transport, and this year we were very pleased to be hosted by the Portland Opera – the Opera headquarters is located on the east bank of the Willamette just […]

  • Your Questions for Neil, “Round 4”, Part 4 – Potpourri

    This is the final installment of our interview last with with Neil McFarlane, TriMet’s General Manager, based on your suggested questions. Today, “Potpourri”, a variety of topics including late-night/early-morning service, bus stop improvements, new apartments without parking and frequent service planning, and the issue of interlining and color designation for the new “Orange” line. Navigation: […]

  • Your Questions for Neil, “Round 4”, Part 3 – Vehicles

    Here is the 3rd video in our 4-part series of last week’s interview of TriMet’s General Manager, Neil McFarlane. As with the previous segments, this too features your suggested questions. Today, we address the broad topic of “Vehicles”, not just fuel types and propulsion, or articulated and double-decker, but also planning for Bus Rapid Transit […]