Passing the Streetcar Baton

Yesterday Willamette Week announced the retirement of Rick Gustafson as the Executive Director of Portland Streetcar, Inc.

This morning, as a member of the PSI Board, I had the chance to vote for his successor, Dan Bower, who for the last several years has been the leader of PBOT’s Active Transportation group.

Streetcar has many parents, but Rick has been the through-line, chief strategist, and finder-of-money for the life of this project. I’m sad to see him go.

But this is an important step in the evolution of Streetcar as an agency. Rick has always been part-time in the role, on a consulting contract. Dan will be a full-time employee of PSI. This marks a maturation of the role and the organization.

I look forward to working with Dan as we continue Streetcar as a transformational tool for Portland and the Region.

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