Lost? Get Directions from a Cyclist or Driver

Via Slashdot:

… or maybe a pedestrian (if you’re not going too far). But not an auto passenger or transit rider.

An article posted in “Urban Planning” (PDF) suggests that the accuracy of your mental map of an area is related to how actively you engage in wayfinding. So if you’re a passenger and not behind the wheel (or handlebars) you don’t have quite the same grasp.

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  1. I can attest to the truth in this. Mrs Dibbly & I moved here in June, 2010 and have lived downtown the entire time, where transit is very easy to use. As a consequence, we drove very little for the first two years (only 1000 miles that first year) and our bicycling was mostly to fairly nearby destinations. I’m still learning my way around the greater Portland area. Mrs Dibbly, OTOH, has done more driving than I have and really knows some of the outlying areas a lot better than I do. I’ve been to those same places, but it’s easy to not pay attention when you’re on the bus or rail.

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