Getting Inside ODOT’s Mindset

Transportation Analysis Informing Transportation Planning and Policy at ODOT

Speaker: Alexander Bettinardi, ODOT
When: Friday, October 11, 2013, 12-1 p.m.
Where: PSU Urban Center Building, SW 6th and Mill, Room 204
Abstract: The Transportation Planning Analysis Unit (TPAU) at ODOT helps to provide information to a large variety of transportation plans, projects, and policy questions. This allows customers to make better informed decisions and to maximize limited resources. In order to fill this role TPAU and the Oregon modeling community have a fairly large “toolbox” of models and analysis tools and procedures. This transportation seminar will give an overview of the role and services that TPAU provides and the different tools and processes used to fulfill that role.

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Center for Transportation Studies
Portland State University

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