Another View on Technology Driving a Reduction in Driving

Via Planetizen:

U.S. PIRG has a new report (PDF) about how apps and other technology are affecting our propensity for driving.

It’s not just about apps that tell us when the bus is coming. It’s car- and bike-sharing, telework, e-commerce, smart-phone adoption, social media and a variety of other factors including combining multiple modes (bike to transit, anyone)…

2 responses to “Another View on Technology Driving a Reduction in Driving”

  1. And your post just shows how redundant multibillion dollar transit route investment is, too. Along with your incessant “development” whining.

  2. Ron, were you perhaps responding to a different thread and posted here accidentally?

    The word “development” does not appear in this post, nor in the Planetizen post. In the context of the U.S. PIRG report, the word “development” refers to software development and policy development, not real estate. (For something to be criticized as “incessant”, it ought to be present when that criticism is being leveled.)

    But, from the first half of your comment, I’ll take it seriously and suggest that people with connected application platforms (smart phones, tablets, netbooks) are increasingly likely to use transit or other services where they don’t have to drive, as it gives them more time to concentrate on their devices. So investments in transit, per se, are not jeopardized by the widespread growth of app culture.

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