A Wealth of Bike Share Technologies

Portland is awash with bike share technology. Headliner Alta Bike Share is getting ready to deploy the same dock-based technology they’ve used in DC, Boston, NY and Chicago. But there’s more action than that. Local advocate extraordinaire Kiel Johnson has designed a system for apartment complexes and out at Intel there is an open source project going on. You can learn more about that last one, dubbed the Open Bike Initiative. They will host a presentation at the Art Museum this weekend, as part of the wrap up of the Cyclepedia show. See you Saturday at 2pm?

4 responses to “A Wealth of Bike Share Technologies”

  1. As someone who loves to be on the bleeding edge, I worry that the dock-based bikesharing systems will be overtaken with the smart-bike systems which operate more like car2go. Its like the old-school ‘yellow-bikes’ with technology included so that its much more difficult to steal them without detection. Are we close to that being a reality?

    • Germany has had this for about 8 years now in the form of Deutsche Bahn’s “Call-a-Bike” system (though in a handful of cities such as Stuttgart, Hamburg, and Berlin it has been implemented as a fixed-station system).

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