I Have Some Good Ideas for that Other $850

Joseph Rose is reporting on a survey indicating that Oregon is among the lowest cost states to own a motor vehicle. Among the cost differentials, an average of $157 in taxes and fees compared to $1,058 nationally.

Imagine how many sidewalks we could build with that other $850/car…

4 responses to “I Have Some Good Ideas for that Other $850”

  1. Geez, do you suppose the lack of sever winter weather in Oregon has anything to do with vehicle durability, hence general cost? And it was even cheaper to operate a motor vehicle here when you weren’t required to have insurance. I guess the renter population drives the insurance cost up on the rest of us!
    Those were the days.

  2. [Moderator: Personally-directed remark removed–ES] Oregon has by far the lowest taxes of any state. Georgia, a state not known for snowstorms (what the hell does that have to do with this survey anyways?!) tops the list.

  3. It sounds like that survey doesn’t include insurance (I admit I haven’t read it, yet.) How do Oregon insurance rates compare to the rest of the country? If they’re high, that might offset some of the savings.

  4. Oh god… why did I read the Oregonlive comment section…

    You idiots, and income tax has nothing to do with car ownership, that’s why they don’t factor it in…

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