Global Road Kill

Via Slashdot:

An interactive map of road death rates worldwide.


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  1. I don’t think anything illustrates the complete lunacy of government policies better than the statistics on auto deaths.

    1.3 MILLION PEOPLE DIE every year due to road accidents and government spend billions on ‘terrorism’. That’s a Holocaust every year and not a word is said about it.

    That’s gubmint for ya, the ultimate fraud.

  2. Yes, you are right Al, that is quite shocking and absurd. Which makes it all the more tragic that so many people fall for false, divisive narratives about “bus vs. rail” rivalries when medium-scale transit projects actually go forward, or overblown “union vs. non-union employee” debates within the same agency. The true, massive problems, lie elsewhere.

  3. Bob R. Says: Yes, you are right Al,

    ~~~~>I’m gonna frame this for posterity!

    And yes all the silly divisive debates are pretty stupid and silly when you put these things into the proper scale indeed!

  4. divisive narratives about “bus vs. rail” rivalries

    ~~~>Furthermore Bob the ‘bus vs rail’ in reality is not about buses or light rail.

    Its about the government vs the people!

    The bus vs rail argument maybe the metaphor but the underlying philosophical battle has very little to do with public transit.

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