Time to Support Broadway/Flint/Wheeler Safety Project!

Last year I called out the Broadway/Flint/Wheeler intersection as the outstanding presentation in the Traffic and Transportation class.

The realization of this effort, in the form of a PBOT project design, is now on the “150% list” for funding in ODOT’s STIP process.

The final selection of funded projects will occur shortly. I’m told the deadline for submitting comments is June 30.

I hope you’ll join me in sending supportive comments:

To voice your personal support for funding this project, send your email to:


Specifiy you are commenting on the N Broadway Safety Crossing Enhancement Project in your email.

tel. 503-731-8235

In the words of class presenter Betsy Reese:

“This is a project that will save life and limb of pedestrians and bicyclists and improve traffic flow for all modes. All modes of traffic – bike, pedestrian and motor vehicle – from all of N, NE, Central Eastside Portland, and I-5, coming in and out of our neighborhood or going through to get to downtown – need this fix.”

2 responses to “Time to Support Broadway/Flint/Wheeler Safety Project!”

  1. Remind me, is the plan to create a new U-Turn at Ross (and make U-Turners go around the Streetcar island)? The drawing at the end of Betsy’s presentation doesn’t show it, or the consolidation of the I-5 off ramp.

    If so, would it be better to have the U-Turn movement use Wheeler, maybe re-aligning it due south so it joins up with Flint at Broadway for direct access to the parking garages?

    Even better would be if the parking lot north of the Paramount Apartments could be moved and Flint connected to Wheeler at Dixon (this could also allow cyclists from Flint to use N Dixon and bypass Broadway).

    The only downside (assuming that traffic from the I-5 ramp destined for south Flint and the parking garages gets a signal for the right turn onto Broadway, allowing them to go directly to the left lane) would be the loss of potential development of the island between the Streetcar stop and Wheeler.

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