Time to Support Broadway/Flint/Wheeler Safety Project!

Last year I called out the Broadway/Flint/Wheeler intersection as the outstanding presentation in the Traffic and Transportation class.

The realization of this effort, in the form of a PBOT project design, is now on the “150% list” for funding in ODOT’s STIP process.

The final selection of funded projects will occur shortly. I’m told the deadline for submitting comments is June 30.

I hope you’ll join me in sending supportive comments:

To voice your personal support for funding this project, send your email to:


Specifiy you are commenting on the N Broadway Safety Crossing Enhancement Project in your email.

tel. 503-731-8235

In the words of class presenter Betsy Reese:

“This is a project that will save life and limb of pedestrians and bicyclists and improve traffic flow for all modes. All modes of traffic – bike, pedestrian and motor vehicle – from all of N, NE, Central Eastside Portland, and I-5, coming in and out of our neighborhood or going through to get to downtown – need this fix.”

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