Southwest Corridor takes one more step forward

At a Metro Council work session on Tuesday, June 11, the project steering committee presented some draft recommendations to the Metro Council. The recommendations are still in draft at this point, and the Council took no action, but here’s what did get recommended, based on prior work and community feedback:

  • HCT corridor should stretch (eventually) from Portland to Tualatin via Tigard.
  • Both BRT and LRT are advanced for further consideration, and that BRT (if chosen) have at least 50% of the route running an exclusive right-of-way. (This is a minimum threshold for BRT projects to receive federal New Starts funding). Decision as to mode and alignment are expected by mid-2014 in order to start work on DEIS.
  • Enhancements to local transit are also recommended. In 2013-14, TriMet will develop the Southwest SEP (Service Enhancement Plan).
  • A $4 billion list of roadway, pedestrian, bike, and local transit enhancement projects proposed earlier was reduced to a $500M list of higher priority projects. Potential big-ticket items include rebuilding Naito Parkway between Barbur and Lincoln (getting rid of the last vestiges of the old 99), redesigning the Barbur/Capitol/I-5 interchange, and a new crossing of OR217 between 99W and SW 72nd.
  • Trail, park, and environmental mitigation projects were also identified.

The Steering Committee’s draft recommendations can be read here. The report starts at page 41 (the link is to a meeting packet; the first forty minutes contains the agenda of the work session and stuff relevant to other business).

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