Your Questions for Neil: The Cycle

It’s a bit late this year, but it is now time for the fourth installment of Portland Transport’s annual interview with TriMet general manager Neil McFarlane. (The previous installments–including introductory threads, and links to videos and transcripts, can be found at this Google search; I’m too lazy to link to all of it now…)

Anyway, the format is (mostly) the same: Readers are encouraged to submit questions here, and in the third week of April we’ll sit down with Neil and present a subset of the questions to him. The interview will only go for about an hour, so not all questions may be asked; in addition, the interviewer (Chris) may ask follow-ups. Tough questions are more than welcome; though all questions must be civil. Bob R. will video the interview session, and videos of the interviews will be posted here on Portland Transport. All relevant material will be kept, though some editing may be done to the video footage–in particular, questions may be organized into themes and presented in a different order than they actually occurred. Time permitting, transcripts will be prepared, though we may seek volunteers for some of the transcription work, and transcripts may not be posted simultaneously with the video.

I don’t know if Neil McFarlane reads the questions posted here beforehand, but assume he does–he has every right to do so and makes no pledge otherwise. This is one reason Chris will frequently ask follow-ups not posted here.

The floor is now open for your questions and suggestions.

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