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When Metro released the results of their Household (Travel) Activity Survey last year, a lot of folks were underwhelmed with the shift away from auto travel regionally.

But in Portland, and particularly in some neighborhoods, the results were pretty stark. At this month’s “bicycle brown bag“, Roger Geller of PBOT will share his analysis that much of the growth in trips has been accomodated by biking and walking. Definitely worth checking out:

The Path Ahead for Active Transportation in Portland
An Analysis of the 2011 Oregon Household Activity Survey

Roger Geller, Portland’s Bicycle Coordinator, will present a white paper analyzing data from the 2011 Oregon Household Activity Survey (OHAS).

The analysis is intended to answer two questions:

1) What have been the trends in transportation behavior for Portland residents 1994-2011?; and

2) What does Portland need to do to achieve its policy goals related to transportation in general and bicycle transportation specifically?

This analysis demonstrates a path to achieving the mode split goals identified in the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030 if the city aggressively pursues them.

Thursday, March 21st, Noon to 1pm
City Hall, 1221 SW 4th Ave, 2nd Floor -Lovejoy Room

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