Traffic Engineers Getting Wild

Via Planetizen:

This Atlantic Cities article covers some innovative intersection designs that are intended to reduce theoretical conflict points – at least for cars. These don’t really seem to be intended for use in urban environments.

Nonetheless, at least one “diverging diamond” example has been built with at least nominal accommodation for pedestrians and cyclists. Chuck Marone (of “Strong Towns” fame) dissects it somewhat mercilessly in this YouTube video:

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  1. Setting aside the absurdity of calling this “pedestrian-friendly”, I see nothing about the diverging diamond design that is in any way better or easier to navigate than a standard diamond interchange. It’s adding a layer of complexity where none is needed, but still has as many signals as a regular diamond. Looks like too many engineers trying to be clever for clever’s sake.

  2. The idea behind the “diverging diamond” is that it is decomposed into a set of intersections for which two traffic phases will suffice. Whether that makes it better (for motorists) is another matter. Clearly, the diverging diamond is a nightmare for pedestrians to navigate.

  3. The diverging diamond is a great solution to the problem the engineers were presented with, and from a pedestrian point of view presents no more or fewer conflict points than a regular dual signal diamond interchange. All of the points you made in the video can be made about any diamond interchange. The issue here isn’t the engineers. They simply solved the problem they were given: Make the traffic flow smoother and safer, and ensure pedestrians and other users were given an equivalent or better environment then before. The issue lies with the planners and politicians who promoted development that leads to this kind of design. The Diverging Diamond isn’t the problem, the surrounding area is.

  4. And I heard today that a group of engineers now wants the Oregon state capitol building to have $75 million of upgrades.
    -David Evans and Assoc.—big CRC beneficiaries. now they are getting behind the high speed rail boondoggle, thanks to Eugene lib. mayor Piercy. ( I saw one of their vehicles at an ODOT open house.)
    -Engineers at the state capitol looking for $75 mil. project
    -ODOT engineers whining for statewide seismic upgrades

    Is this government for the people—or the engineers?

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