What Have I Gotten Myself Info?

I’ve accepted the Mayor’s request to assist with the startup of the NW TMA to manage parking in my neighborhood.

It was just about 10 years ago that I unsuccessfully tried to reach an agreement between my neighborhood association and the business association on a parking plan. So why would I put myself back into the fray? A few reasons:

  1. Hopefully I’m 10 years smarter…
  2. As a ‘resident at large’ I have a responsibility to look out for resident interests, but I am not a representative of any particular organization, which gives me a little more latitude on positions I take.
  3. As I get to grapple with parking issues around the City as part of my duties on the Planning and Sustainability Commission, I’ll have a little more credibility if we’ve managed to make progress with parking management in the neighborhood that has historically been most challenged.

If any of you would like to tilt at this windmill with me, there are a number of positions on the TMA governing body yet to be filled, and the City is taking applications (PDF). I’d like to believe we can make this work!

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