Some Changes Coming, Your Help Needed!

Here at Portland Transport, we’re getting ready to take the plunge… to WordPress, that is.

In 2005 when we founded this blog, the state of the art in blog software was Movable Type. And it’s served us well for 3,200 posts, 48,000 comments and more than a million visits. But it’s getting a bit long in the tooth. You may have noticed some server errors and double posts from time-to-time when making comments.

So we’re going to switch! Sometime early in 2013 we’ll take a few days of downtime, move everything over and take advantage of a platform that has literally thousands of features and plugins.

This will not be a small effort. As part of the process we’ll be getting some professional help with a new theme, and probably also with database work.

In fact, if we have any web designers reading out there, we’re soliciting proposals for the theme development project. Get in touch at

And the quality of work we’re looking for won’t be free. Which is why this message includes our annual year-end solicitation. Please think about hitting the donate button and sharing a few dollars to keep this enterprise going. Many hands make for light work!

Thank you and have a great holiday season. And expect to see good stuff in the new year!

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