Featured Class Presentation: Broadway/Flint/Wheeler

Each year, I like to call out one outstanding presentation from the Traffic and Transportation Class.

This year I have to plead to some bias since I’ve been aware of this effort for some time. But it’s also not every project that’s already been submitted by the City to ODOT for funding.

There are also a LOT of people who have been involved in this effort, in both government and in the community, and the credit is clearly shared.

But presenter Betsy Reese has been watching the very dangerous intersection at Broadway/Flint/Wheeler for over a decade from her vantage point at the Paramount Apartments which she and her husband own. She’s been letting the City know how dangerous this location is on an ongoing basis.

PBOT attempted one fix a few years ago, creating a sidewalk peninsula in front of her building – it didn’t help. The bicycle right-hook risk continued, as did the parade of cars making unsafe cut-across movements to make the U-turn back to Broadway.

As the NE Quadrant project finally gave some direction to what will happen in the long term, PBOT (and the Mayor) acted and removed the right turn opportunity onto Wheeler.

But this doesn’t fix all the issues at the intersection and Betsy and her allies continue to advocate for stronger treatments, including signalization. Betsy’s class presentation (PDF, 10M) outlines all the issues, and the effort got a major boost mid-way through this semester’s class when PBOT submitted the project for an ODOT grant.

We’ll continue to track this and let you know when it’s time to send those letters and e-mails to ODOT to support the project during final selection later in 2013!

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