Another Year, Another Great Set of Class Presentations

Every fall I look forward to participating in the panel discussion during the Traffic and Transportation Class presentations of student projects (even more so this year because I had to miss last year due to a conflict).

Each year the standard gets higher and higher, and this year is no exception! Later in the week I’ll feature one standout presentation. But here are some of the great efforts this year:

5 responses to “Another Year, Another Great Set of Class Presentations”

  1. How’s the bicycling going lately? If it’s going to be the future of commerce here I guess we better all go on vacation from November to Nay.

  2. At 8:30 AM this morning there were 755 bicycle trips logged on the Hawthorne Bridge counter. The lowest total I’ve seen yet all year. Down from a typical 1000-1300 over the past few months.

    Auto traffic was also very light, at about 75% of normal. I think folks were just not interested in getting out and about given the bad weather.

    Who wants to be out and about in December weather if you can help it?? Everyone stays home if they can. For those who can’t, I’m pretty impressed by the number who manage to brave the rain on bicycle. For those who chose to switch from bicycling to bus or car, why criticize?

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