Streetcar Safety Video

Just in time for this weekend’s opening of the Streetcar Loop, this video is a joint production of Portland Streetcar, TriMet, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition.

It provides advice on modal conflicts of all kinds, with a focus on bikes and streetcars. Nicely done!

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  1. Thank you Chris… I was very pleased to help manage this production. (Disclosure: The video was made as part of my video production business in addition to the volunteer hours I normally put in.)

    The terrific 3D animations from Spencer Boomhower are what really form the core of this video.

    (Rather than “Joint Production” I think the more accurate phrase would be “Produced in cooperation with”.)

    My primary regret is that the Portland Segway Tours were not operating on the days we were out shooting (or we missed them)… the script tries to refer to every mode of surface transportation and, although mentioned in the video, we don’t show any Segways. (And we forgot to mention Unicycles, that’s my fault.)

  2. Angle is important when crossing tracks, but also not putting torque on the rear wheel. I always try to coast over the rails, even when time is short like making a left off Interstate across the double MAX tracks.

  3. Boy that was a fun video! It was very well made. I sure hope I end up being able to make a transit themed video after i get out of college

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