A Note to the People Trying to Kill Me (on my bicycle)

To the commercial van that right-hooked me a couple of weeks ago on Barbur Blvd. as I was passing the northbound freeway ramp at Terwilliger:

  • The vehicle going straight (me) has the right of way.
  • I was able to just barely turn inside you. If my bar end mirror scratched your paint, I’m very sorry…

To the woman who ran the red light on Naito at speed on Tuesday as the Bicycle Advisory Committee was turning in front of you on our central city tour:

  • I was far enough back in the pack that I wasn’t really at risk.
  • I’m glad our lead riders were pretty nimble…

To the gentleman in the Pearl today who began parallel parking next to Jameson Square, only to suddenly pull out and zip across the street into an angled space:

  • My brake pads are apparently in pretty good shape.
  • I’m pretty sure that’s an illegal movement…

I hope that you’ll all understand that when I advocate for protected bikeways on busy streets, it’s nothing personal, it’s just that YOU’RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

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