Metro releases initial proposals for TV Highway

A metro study group has released a list of proposals for improving mobility/access in the TV Highway corridor. The list operates on the assumption that TV Highway will continue to function as an urban boulevard, and will not be converted into a more expressway-like facility, as Washington County planners had envisioned in earlier times.

Some transit-related highlights:

  • Improved frequency on the 57.
  • Bus stop improvements in the area, particularly on the 57.
  • Signal priority for the 57 as it travels down TV Highway.
  • A new N/S bus line, in the vicinity of SW Century Boulevard, which would serve South Hillsboro and provide a connection to MAX
  • Further study of high-capacity transit in the TV Highway corridor (a route often mentioned for BRT)

One proposed transit idea not considered was parallel transit service on streets such as Blanton (which runs a few blocks south of TV Highway) or Alexander (a few blocks north). These specific streets would be undesirable transit corridors IMHO, simply because they are so close (within a few blocks) of TV Highway itself.

A couple other notes. The report makes reference to a Westside Transit Enhancement Study being jointly developed by TriMet and the city of Hillsboro, though there doesn’t appear to be any material published online as a result of this effort. Hillsboro does have updated planning documents on the proposed South Hillsboro development (which would presumably be the anchor for the proposed N/S bus line), and the city’s most recent TSP update is also interesting reading.

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  1. Hmm, what about running limited-stop commuter rail service on the old Red Electric line parallel to T.V. highway? This could serve points like Forest Grove as well as the nodes along the T.V. Hwy that are currently too far to be accessible from the MAX line; such a route could also trailblaze a new southern commuter rail connection to downtown Portland & Union Station.

  2. Garlynn: That line is still in use by freight rail, so it would have to be coordinated – and if the problems with “sharing” we encountered with WES are any indicator – it may not be worth it. There are so many federal rules around it and so many contract deals that have to be won… It would be easier just to add more buses. :)

  3. Not sure this is the best route for a limited-stop commuter rail. Most trips on this corridor seem to be within Beaverton/Hillsboro, as I find most commuters use 26.

  4. Nice dream, I’m not sure if these planners have noticed that bus service has been cut and it is quite likely to be cut more.

    I wonder how much it cost to put together this “study group”.

  5. Chris, I have more info on the Westside Service Enhancements Project, we had Tom Mills at our CPO 1 meeting last night. It’s not a partnership between TriMet & Hillsboro, but a TriMet initiative as far as I can tell. If you want their info doc let me know where to send it.

  6. I would rather see the 57 line be converted to a model (or test) BRT line. The report suggests that they want to focus on making traffic related improvements, so we might as well go “all out” and attempt a proper BRT line.

    I’m glad the Blanton/Alexander proposal was not considered, that was a ridiculous idea, especially since major lines like the 47 or 48 don’t even have service 7 days a week.

    Also, I’m glad to see that they finally acknowledge that there is no North/South transit except the 52 (well the 88 has a couple of runs). Cornelius Pass is the only road designed to support heavy truck traffic though. Brookwood Ave has a truck restriction from Main/Baseline to TV Hwy, though I would support giving an exemption to TriMet (especially since I live on Brookwood).

  7. “I’m glad the Blanton/Alexander proposal was not considered, that was a ridiculous idea, especially since major lines like the 47 or 48 don’t even have service 7 days a week.”

    >>>> One of them will in Sept., when they are rerouted.

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