Metro releases initial proposals for TV Highway

A metro study group has released a list of proposals for improving mobility/access in the TV Highway corridor. The list operates on the assumption that TV Highway will continue to function as an urban boulevard, and will not be converted into a more expressway-like facility, as Washington County planners had envisioned in earlier times.

Some transit-related highlights:

  • Improved frequency on the 57.
  • Bus stop improvements in the area, particularly on the 57.
  • Signal priority for the 57 as it travels down TV Highway.
  • A new N/S bus line, in the vicinity of SW Century Boulevard, which would serve South Hillsboro and provide a connection to MAX
  • Further study of high-capacity transit in the TV Highway corridor (a route often mentioned for BRT)

One proposed transit idea not considered was parallel transit service on streets such as Blanton (which runs a few blocks south of TV Highway) or Alexander (a few blocks north). These specific streets would be undesirable transit corridors IMHO, simply because they are so close (within a few blocks) of TV Highway itself.

A couple other notes. The report makes reference to a Westside Transit Enhancement Study being jointly developed by TriMet and the city of Hillsboro, though there doesn’t appear to be any material published online as a result of this effort. Hillsboro does have updated planning documents on the proposed South Hillsboro development (which would presumably be the anchor for the proposed N/S bus line), and the city’s most recent TSP update is also interesting reading.

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