Dude, Where’s My Streetcar?


The Oregonian details schedule status for the Oregon Iron Works/United Streetcar order for the Streetcar Loop.

Obviously we’re not celebrating. But I’d like to underscore a couple of points:

1) We’re not going to do anything that compromises the safety, quality or reliability of the new vehicles. If that means waiting, we’ll wait for delivery.

2) We’re going to open the Loop on time on September 22nd. If necessary I’ll be out there helping push. Worst case it means we’ll run every vehicle in our current fleet with no spares (we’ve done it before – our maintenance people are amazing), but we will have service.

For every single opening Streetcar has had, vehicle delivery has been the gating item. This opening will be no different. But on the whole, if I have sit around drumming my fingers waiting for vehicles, I’d much prefer it be for vehicles that bring local jobs.

And one point in the article is not quite accurate:

But United Streetcar has yet to manufacture a single vehicle…

In fact United Streetcar has built a vehicle, under the prototype contract. I’ve ridden on it!

It’s not in revenue service yet, but it is out on the Loop route on the east side, being tested.

See you on the 22nd!

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