C-TRAN also considers BRT

TriMet is not the only local transit agency considering Bus Rapid Transit. C-TRAN is also in the early analysis and planning stages of a possible BRT line. They are calling this effort the Fourth Plain Transit Improvement Project. It appears that the proposed line, while still in early stages, would roughly follow the route of the number 4 bus from Vancouver Mall to downtown Vancouver along Fourth Plain Blvd, and could possibly continue south to the Expo Center Yellow Line MAX station just across the Columbia River. This portion of the line would depend greatly on whether the Yellow Line is extended to downtown Vancouver, which in turn is tied up in the continuing battle over the Columbia River Crossing. In any case, C-TRAN is clearly interested in BRT as a way to improve a busy transit corridor that currently suffers from low speeds and poor access. They are holding a workshop on Saturday, Nov. 19th, 9:30am-12:30pm, at the C-TRAN headquarters at 2425 NE 65th Ave in Vancouver.

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