A Little Streetcar Music

Here’s a bit of an entertainment diversion for the weekend.

Just over a month ago, several groups came together to produce an event called “Portland’s Streetcar Mobile Music Fest”, which featured eight different bands or performers on a series of streetcars over a three-hour period. The event was quite well-received, and many riders turned out specifically for the event, as well as those who were pleasantly surprised to have live music on-board.

I was hired by some of the event organizers to produce a video of the festivities. That video was recently shown in the film festival portion of the Railvolution conference in DC, and has now been released on Vimeo.

Without further ado, the overview video:

Other venues (not just streetcars!) have been discussed for future events. It was a great deal of fun to be a part of this and I hope to see events in the future which further promote other modes of transit (from buses to the aerial tram) and active transportation.

Many people were involved in making this event a success. Full credits available on the Vimeo page.

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