Signs of Bicycle Progress (mostly) in the Pearl

On my morning bike ride earlier this week, I was waiting at the light to turn onto the Broadway Bridge to go to my favorite east-side breakfast food cart and witnessed an incident that mostly gave me hope for our collective cycling progress…

Two women came down the Lovejoy ramp (positive, a greater proportion of women riding is an indicator of good infrastructure) and moved into the bike box at 9th and Lovejoy to make the “Copenhagen left” onto 9th (positive, that’s the only safe way to cross the tracks on that turn and it’s been a challenge to get people used to the movement).

But then one of the women immediately darted across the street without waiting for the light to change (negative). However, the other woman started yelling at her “you’re making all cyclists look bad” (positive peer pressure!) repeatedly.

On the whole, the encounter left me optimistic.

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