What Active Transportation Means to Me Personally

I’ve been an advocate for “active transportation” – walking, biking and transit – since getting involved in public policy in Portland more than 15 years ago. But eight years ago when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes it became something more for me, a very important part of managing my health.

Tomorrow I’ll be a guest on the KBOO Bike Show discussing this, along with several other people for whom cycling has had an important health impact.

11AM-Noon, Wednesday, July 6th
KBOO FM 90.7
Streamed live at KBOO.fm
Podcast here later that day


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  1. For most people a physically active lifestyle has loads of benefits. However, as people set their sights on a position within the service economy, no matter how illusive (pushed along by various social ideals, including urban planning) fewer people engage in physical work. Currency trader and 2010 GOP senatorial candidate Peter Schiff has some observations on this:

    Unfortunately my cycling has been virtually halted by recent, and unforeseen, digestive problems. So, back to relying more on an auto than I would prefer. Bicycling could be just what the doctor ordered for some…or it could pose too many risks for other people.

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