TriMet opens new bike-n-rides

Today, TriMet opened two new bike-and-ride facilities, secure bike parking for customers who use bicycles to reach transit, at the Beaverton and Gresham transit centers.

The Beaverton facility is the largest so far in the TriMet system, with a capacity of 100 bicycles. Unlike the previous such facility at Sunset TC; the Beaverton facility does not need to compete with cars, as TriMet offers very limited parking at Beaverton TC; according to TriMet, 12% of MAX riders using the Beaverton station access it by bicycle.

The facilities consists of a covered, secure bike storage area, with amenities such as air pumps and bike repair stations for minor maintenance of two-wheelers. Access to the bike-and-rides does cost money, however; one must periodically buy a BikeLink card ($20) to use them; bike parking deducts from the card at a rate of $0.03 per hour, or about 30 cents per day.

Of course, the question that’s worth asking: Why do bikers get to pay (even though its a tiny amount), but auto parking remains free along the line? Could it be that TriMet thinks the bike-riding crowd is less likely to abandon public transit (either riding bikes the whole way, or switching to cars) if presented with a fee?

Agency press release here. KGW News story here. Bike Portland’s coverage here.

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