When Will You Walk (or Bike)?

Nice piece on NPR Sunday that suggests that we may have reached ‘peaked gasoline’ (i.e., peak demand for gasoline) in the U.S. as folks make alternative choices (even as the economy comes back, gasoline use is not tracking upward with the economy).

However, worldwide demand continues to rise because of the appetite in developing countries (India, China, etc.), so pressure on prices is likely to continue.

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  1. What we need is change at the EPA so that high mpg autos can be produced and sold in the US, even if they don’t meet present parts per million standards of the EPA or of states like California. Volvo, for example, in introducing a 70 mpg diesel hybrid. At that level of fuel economy blended bio-diesel fuels would also be much more feasible—thus reducing actual pollution even further. Ford has a 65 mpg Focus/Fiesta in Europe and around the world but unavailable in the US—and won’t be under present standards. And that’s 65 mpg without their hybrid technology.

    Diesel technology has improved greatly in cleanliness and quietness. We are far removed from GM’s diesel attempts of the 1980’s. And the noisy, clattering European diesels of yesterday. If Volvo can produce a 70 mpg mid sized car and Ford a compact, why can’t someone produce a diesel hybrid two-seat sports car? 100 mpg, maybe?

    I know the US regulatoy system is complex and states like California and New York have had valid reasons for setting the pace in emissions control. But it seems like it is time to make new provisions for the technology that is already coming on to the market. I’m not sure how that would be accomplished….but it seems worth doing.

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