Bike Parking Disconnect

I spent some fun time this afternoon at the Pedal Nation bike show at the Convention Center.

I had noted some tweets yesterday about overflowing bike parking outside, even though event parking had been added. Here’s what I found today, outside the front door and inside the parking structure where bike parking is also provided:


Out Front


Inside (to be fair, another nearby set of staples had 3 bikes, perhaps 25% of its capacity)

This is not a new issue, BikePortland has covered it before.

I realize that I’m an outlier – since I attend many Metro meetings at the Convention Center and have a motivation to learn where the parking is that a casual event goer might now. But the I find the inside parking very convenient, and of course it’s out the elements.

Is this just a question of the Convention Center needing to provide some way-finding, or is there a psychology of bike parking that users always want to be near the front door?

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