Happenings at the Federal Level

  • The word that the House Transportation Committee would hold a hearing in Vancouver, USA has a been floating out there for a couple of weeks, but the details have been mysterious. Well, now we know: 9-11AM on Monday 2/21 at the Vancouver PUD (1200 Fort Vancouver Way). Via BikePortland.
  • The President’s transportation budget has folks like me smiling (Reconnecting America has a nice analysis [PDF, 164K]). But it seems to be 180 degrees out of phase with the House plans to slash expenditures. Stay tuned…

7 responses to “Happenings at the Federal Level”

  1. Im attending our session here in Indy this weekend. Should be interesting to see what sort of information will be available during these sessions.

  2. One other Federal happening:

    Yet another tea party governor, this time Rick Scott of Florida, has reject the offer of a few billion dollars of Uncle Sam’s money, to build the first phase of a statewide HSR system. The first phase would have connected Orlando and Tampa, with future extensions south to Miami planned.

    At this point, there’s no word as to where the $2.5 billion will go instead, though the Pacific Northwest HSR corridor is one possible place.

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