ATU 757 president arrested for DUI

ATU Local 757 president Jonathan Hunt arrested for DUI.
Early in the morning of Boxing Day, ATU Local 757 president Jonathan Hunt was arrested by the Gresham Police Department on a charge of driving under the influence of intoxicants. He was found by a Gresham police officer, asleep at the wheel of a union-registered automobile, blocking traffic; a field sobriety test allegedly revealed a blood-alcohol level of .14, nearly twice the legal limit in Oregon. No accident occurred and nobody was injured, fortunately; and Mr. Hunt was released on his own recognizance. Hunt told The Oregonian that he “blames no one but myself. I’ve pledged to continue to work hard for this great union.” He declined further comment.

At least one union member who operates a blog has called for Hunt’s resignation as union president. So far there has been no comment from the union concerning Hunt’s future there. There has been speculation that a conviction or guilty plea to the count of driving under the influence (a class A misdemeanor) might cost him his job and thus his union role (union officers are required to be members in good standing); however he is currently employed as a mechanic with TriMet. It is unknown to me if he still maintains a commercial drivers license (which would be suspended upon a DUI conviction, and apparently the “first time offender” provision in the law does not apply to CDL holders), and/or if a CDL is required for his present job with the agency. (Were he a bus driver to be convicted of DUI, it is almost certain he would lose both his license and his job).

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  1. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Hunt isn’t currently employed at TriMet. ATU’s big enough that he and a few others are full-timers. (He *was* employed as a mechanic before his election, I believe.)

    Good post. I’d missed EMRP’s!

  2. Point of information;

    In order to hold elective office in the union the officer MUST BE EMPLOYED by one of the agencies within the local.

    Getting a DUI at Trimet means termination, in every case of front line workers.

    Does that apply to mechanics who must possess Class 2 licenses?

    Probably a yes, in which case Mr Hunt would have to be terminated and therefore could not hold elective office at the union.

    (The high holiness exalted ruler of trimet is the only one that can provide a waiver)

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