Where it All Began

This year my Christmas present to my family was getting all of my Mom’s old Super-8 home movies converted to digital video files.

While going through the videos and cataloging the content, I came across this sequence – my first bicycle, just after the training wheels came off (circa 1967).

Looking forward to smiling big on my bike for many years to come.

6 responses to “Where it All Began”

  1. I believe my set was H0 scale, but I think that came later after my mother retired her camera:-)

    I do have my first experience with an aerial tram, which I will post later this week.

  2. That’s wonderful, Chris. My dad took a million photos (most of which he threw out a few years ago) but never had a movie camera.

    And my first bike had no gears either. Of course, that’s because I’m really old.

  3. Even today, children’s bikes generally don’t come with gears, and have “coaster brakes” (pedal backwards to apply the brake) rather than hand-operated brakes.

    And I’m told that if you fly ‘cross the pond to some of the great biking cities such as Copenhagen, the same is true of many of the bikes used by commuters–rather than the expensive designer bikes one finds around here, the Danes ride around on cheap (almost disposable) bikes with coaster brakes and few (if any) gears as well.

  4. Chris, that was really awesome to see. You were already the master of the bicycle back then!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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