The Annual Grovel

Yes, it’s that time of year again. As the year winds down and you think about generating tax deductions before the calendar turns over, I humbly ask you to consider Portland Transport.

Our needs are simple and our treasury is sound, but we did have more expenditures this year than normal as we ramped up our transit appliance efforts, buying some hardware to prove out the concept, and securing some new domain names to organize the services for these new devices.

If you value the work and discussion here at Portland Transport, I would urge you to click the donate link.

$5, $10 or $25 goes a long way to helping us continue the site and the services. And demonstrating to the IRS that we have a diversity of contributors goes a long way towards keeping our 501(c)(3) status healthy.

Each year I am blown away by the generosity of our readers, and I thank you in advance!

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