Another Crop of Activists

One of my “look forward to” events every year is serving as a panelist during the final presentations for the Traffic and Transportation class. This year was no exception and we have another great set of presentations. Tomorrow I’ll call out one for special focus. Meanwhile, here’s the work of another great set of budding transportation activists:

Pages from claudia_martin_skyline_blvd

Claudia Martin proposes roudabouts to improve intersection safety on Skyline Blvd (PDF, 5.3M)

Pages from michael_bidwell_20_min_neighborhoods

Michael Bidwell looks at the gaps in transit coverage impeding 20-minute neighborhoods in several parts of the city (PDF, 2.3M)

Pages from mary_roberts_bicycle_funding

Mary Roberts is seeking funding to build out the Bicycle Master Plan (PDF, 498K)


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  1. Is it simply coincidence that two of the presentations have to do with the need for expanded bus service at a time TriMet continues to eliminate bus service?

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