Active Transportation Investments to Follow Light Rail Model?

An interesting notice from Metro yesterday that the committee established to recommend policy on how to allocate flexible funds has come out with a recommendation: allocate funds for active transportation to build out complete corridors, rather than to a variety of projects:

Some refer to this as “the light rail model” because of the way the MAX system grew by building one corridor at a time and simultaneously planning for future corridors.

This would differ from the more scattered, piecemeal approach that Portland-area policymakers have typically used, which helped many communities across the region with small street, sidewalk, trail or bicycle projects. That approach has drawn criticism because it generated incremental improvements but not a complete new route.

That’s interesting, because just a few weeks ago I questioned whether the ‘concentrated allocation of service hours’ to new light rail corridors was good policy compared to increasing transit service levels around the region.

Good thing or bad thing?

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