2010 Featured Class Presentation

Each year I like to feature one presentation from the PSU/PBOT Traffic and Transportation class.

While all the presentations this year were great, Rebecca Hamilton’s objective of creating “parklets” in the parking strips on Mississippi and/or Alberta (PDF, 1.6M) struck a cord chord for me, particularly since this is not a theoretical plan, but something she’s working hard to implement.

I’ve seen this model in European cities, although not at the high level of design that Rebecca shows us in examples from New York City and other cities. As we gradually become less reliant on single-occupancy automobiles, there’s going to be a lot of real estate in our rights-of-way and elsewhere that is currently dedicated to parking that can be put to higher uses. Bike corrals have been a first good step in this process. Let’s hope that Rebecca is successful in taking us several steps further!





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