Fungible Parking?

I ran across an interesting pair of blog posts last week on the “Reinventing Parking” blog.

One asks whether government could tone down the idea of “parking minimums” (parking that is required to be built as part of a new development) by requiring instead that developers simply identify features of their project that could be converted to parking if the demand requires it. The requirement would be shifted from a “parking minimum” to “potential parking“.

The second idea is the converse of this, which is that when building new parking, there should be an identified plan for how it could be turned into something else.

Portland is pretty aggressive about having low parking minimums (zero if you’re close to transit) but even here as we think about how we allocate space while planning for a future forseen by our Climate Action Plan where there will be a lot less driving, I wonder if these wouldn’t be interesting tools to bake into the Portland Plan.

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