Outside Perspective on our Bike Plans

Last week, I had the opportunity to sit in on a presentation (PDF, 1.7M) by Dr. Eric France, the director of preventative medicine for Kaiser in Colorado. Dr. France spent much of the summer here in Portland learning about our bicycle efforts.

The whole presentation was great, and Dr. France’s observations about the health benefits of active transportation are very compelling.

But the point I want to emphasize is his observations about how we’re going about implementing the Bicycle Master Plan. Here are a few questions and suggestions from the presentation we should give careful thought to:

  • Do all businesses, city institutions, residents know and support this vision?
  • Is there a clear communication strategy to align everyone with this vision?
  • Who is the leadership team that oversees executing on the strategy? The city? The chamber of commerce?
  • Should we have a “Bike Summit for the 2030 Plan” involving all players?
  • Role of Health?
  • Is there an organizing body for all bicycle transit efforts in Portland?
  • If business owns and pushes this agenda, the battle is won
  • What is Portland?s Brand regarding active transportation?
  • One easy website to get me started?

He goes on to suggest that the way to sell the Bicycle Plan to the business community is on the basis of health and health care cost reductions. I couldn’t agree more!

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