Video Feature – Neil McFarlane Interview – Part 5

Here is the final segment in our interview with TriMet’s new General Manager, Neil McFarlane.

Today our series concludes with a discussion of TriMet’s future plans, some “big picture” issues, and… Michael’s question!

The complete list and schedule, after the break:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Part 1:
Introduction, Safety and Priorities
Part 2:
Funding, Capital Projects and Budget Concerns
Part 3:
Health Care, LIFT Service and the Fare System
Part 4:
Mode Choice, Technology and Rider Involvement
Part 5:
Future Planning, The Big Picture, and…

Correction: An earlier version of this post and video referred to “Lenny’s Question” when, in fact, the question came from Michael. Correction to the correction: An apostrophe was rounded up and placed inside “Michael’s”.

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